Wow, straight back into it for the new year, juggling client coaching, sales calls and content already.

It’s 2022 and already I feel overloaded. I was sat on a call with my PA Hayley Monday morning (as we always do) and we started to talk about plans for this year and new products, new website launch, new branding.

And I really started to feel overwhelmed.

I started to feel exactly what my clients feel.

Pure panic as the enormity of what we have to do took hold.

And it feels like you're drowning.

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But I know what I need to do, compartmentalise and start to break these down into manageable chunks and tackle them one at a time.

See social is a big old scary beast, it’s a cacophony of noise, colour and information.

Simon Kemp says that in 2022 the world will spend over 4 trillion hours using social media.

Those are staggering numbers and if you aren’t on here your competition will be.

And it’s orders of magnitude so vastly different from how you think it operates. That having any semblance of where to begin seems daunting.

And this is what we do with a defined social media strategy.

We break it down and attack it from a linear fashion, like you would a story. With a clearly defined, start middle and end.

First we start with the WHY.

Usually as a company it’s for EBITDA, not for visibility, not for vanity but for real commercial gain within your organisation using hard data.

We work out the target you want to hit and what it means for you as a digital company moving forward in 2022.

In terms of business benefit we see a 30% increase in revenue and a 20% reduction in sales cycle.  

So you want to make money with social, that all comes down to conversations, but this all starts with a buyer centric profile.

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Human First

One that’s human.

We want people to connect with you us on a biological and psychological level.

When we put filters on our headline like marketer or CEO we start to eliminate some of the people who will want to connect with us.

A network that grows with us, an organism that interacts with out content is valuable to us, we don't just want to connect with people who will buy from us. 

We have a mantra in social selling. "We don’t sell TO our network we sell THROUGH our network". 

So that means meaningful people who interact with our content, as they help champion us, support us and sell on our behalf.

We don’t just connect with people we want to sell to, by putting filters on our headline we start to eliminate some of those people.

We make sure you have a great cover photo and banner that reflects your personal brand.

We create a profile that makes people instinctively want to read more. Giving them a reason to connect with you on a human level first.

Then they slowly start to check you out and read a beautiful bio (one of the challenges we ask our clients is to write this section without putting in what they do. Again human lead first, no filters).

This is just phase one of how we coach people to become market leaders in their sector, by leveraging social to decimate their competition.

See when you get social right all that old terminology, sales, marketing, business development, rev ops, SEO and HR all start to meld into one beautiful thing called social.

And with proper social media consultancy, you can take your team forward into a digital future.

One where your prospects walk towards you, not away from you.

Social doesn't have to be overwhelming, but you do need to start.

Younger millennial and Gen Z buyers are entering your space and they already get social.

Do you?