So much gold to take from the latest Edelman & Linkedin report.
The above is a key statement running through the report.
Without the above then you are not at the buying table.
How do you get it?
Not your website telling us X and Y.
They all say the same thing.
Leadership content that resonates and has an impact will rise above the noise of any corporate content.
Trust is key and the more you deliver the more we can lean into as a buyer or partner looking for you to solve our challenges and concerns within our business.
It is far better than blasting white papers and products our way.
Are you a thought leader in your vertical?
They are looking for you.
They will lean into what you say.
Consistency is key.
Build that influence and trust.
Your business and the people around you will flourish.
What are you waiting for?
Saleshire | Crux

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