Not my words, but the words of the platform you read this on.
This is from a few months back, but just in case you don't follow
what is going on, or track the data, or look at new changes in the
B2B landscape you work daily in….??? Then I share some with you.
Sarcasm aside.
The B2B landscape has moved considerably from old methodologies to new ways of customer interaction and acquisition.
This is called evolving. Like any sector, discipline, service or product, person. We evolve.
We get better at what we do, things we see, and enhance and grow with change.
Your role and your process towards engaging with new customers and developing new relationships should be no different, as this has changed to.

Digital First.
I took some key takeaways from the report. They are below.
Trend 1️⃣ - Selling is now virtual by default
Trend 4️⃣ - Sales needs less cold-calling and more brand-building (YOU).
Trend 6️⃣ - Diversity provides a crucial competitive edge in sales (STAND OUT).
 Now you can look at them and ask yourself a question.
Are you going to keep doing what you are doing. Or do you want change?
So, before you put that bland corporate post up, and before you go down your CRM or spreadsheet of names and companies and make the call, or send the email for the fifth time…. STOP, LOOK UP and LISTEN to what is going on.
Or better still, FOLLOW ME, as this is what I do.
Provide insight in my discipline.
This makes me a trusted advisor.
Get me on a call and ask me about how you can scale up on social and speak to the people and businesses you can't get near from your efforts offline.
Your time can be better spent doing the right things on here. That make you stand out.
Enjoy your day.
Be you. Be social. Stand out.
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