As you might know I spend quite a lot of time creating blogs, articles, and stories about the multi-channel retail sector.

I genuinely enjoy the process of creating these blogs as it makes me 'do the research' which in turn leads to my own personal and business growth.

I also genuinely believe that with 60%+ of the world's population on 'social media' it most definitely isn't a fad but a huge opportunity for business and brands to also grow as long as they recognise that what was, is no more! 

On LinkedIn we are privileged to be able to access all manner of people around the world from the retail ecosystem industry, many with different points of view. 

We see the 'commentator' providing opinions on current news affairs, we also see 'experts' providing all manner of 'stats' in order to 'sell by stealth' the product suite that will solve all your growth problems - in reality the latter is just an advert dressed up as stats and content.

I'm a solutions orientated guy so I try to not just provide stories based on my bias, but also to help stimulate the industry to consider ideas from other areas that might just get the revenue dial moving in the right direction.

As this pandemic hit the behaviour of all of us literally altered overnight, staying and working from home became odd at first but quite comforting over time.

An example of this change in behaviour was felt in many business sectors, the beauty sector being one of them. 

Since consumers were in lockdown for the outbreak of COVID-19 in January, they wore less make-up. But they soon started to depend on e-commerce platforms for their beauty needs.

C-beauty content viewing exploded

Young C-beauty brands experienced explosive growth during the first half of 2020. COLORKEY, a Guangzhou-based brand that was founded in 2018, saw an astonishing 8,529-percent increase in content views. Other brands, such as Girlcult, Winona, and Marubi, also saw their content views shoot skyward. link below

The key question here is about the shift to providing content that 'helps' consumers not directly 'selling' to consumers - what's your content strategy?