Search is great, but only if you know what you're looking for which is why 'content discovery' is a critical part of the 'Alphabet' owned 'YouTube' business model because it also increases dwell time, is a more immersive experience and a lot like Alice going down the Rabbit hole.

When you put your website together one of the key things all companies are required to do is to 'optimise' them for SEO, we all know that right?

This is all so that they can be easily found when the unwitting consumer who can't remember your brand name from that TV advert you ran, or simply want to find a vendor who matches with what they are looking for. 

This is also one of the reasons that brands historically have spent huge sums on paid media to retain #1 search position for those keyword terms.

Today's consumers are far to savvy to fall for that corporate advert, in particular if it shows up on a mobile device, search activity on mobile has always been fundamentally different than that of a desktop or a tablet device, therefore its not really a surprise that people using mobile to search for things are no longer clicking through to other related content as stated in the link below.

“Rich information appearing in Google’s results may be, like billboard ads or press mentions, harder to track than website traffic, but it’s still exposing your brand name to an audience, building familiarity, and sharing information. In my opinion, the brands that find ways to benefit from that type of SERP exposure, even without a click, will be the ones who win at this new form of on-SERP SEO.”

As more and more people around the world adopt social media (currently 3.5 Billion) then search is becoming less relevant, the whole way we are discovering new things is happening on those social media platforms, therefore it seems logical to me that providing helpful content and brand storytelling in an authentic way by the companies employees has huge benefits for everyone, including your SEO strategy.