I'm a sucker for a good piece of guerrilla marketing, particularly if its having a go at the 'intrusive advertising' sector.

As we know with innovations like Tivo, Sky+ Boxes and other such TV tech around the world, we can all programme our own content schedules, no more having to wait until the grown ups in scheduling land tell us when we can can watch stuff, and along with that great feature and innovation we can also 'skip' those intrusive and annoying adverts. 

Throw into the mix the continuing rise of ad blockers, the ongoin issues surrounding data privacy, and the forecast of $100bn in ad fraud by 2023 it seems ad land isn't the cosy chummy, la, la, luvvy land place it used to be.

However, there are still a few places we can't seem to control those interruptions, one is Radio, the other is our outside space. The Out Door advertising industry is big business, it took a bit of a hit a few years ago but it seems to have reinvented itself using tech, but it seems we can't escape it..

The guys featured in the article (link below) have taken it on themselves to get their own back on bill board operators who 'sell' the spaces we all walk through, from bus stops, to Tube Stations, Public Toilets, to huge bill boards, and I love it!.

For the past six years, this collective of neo-situationist urban street artists have been creating and installing guerrilla protest advertisements across Europe. Sometimes the designs of “Brandalists,” as the group calls itself, are based on corporate advertising campaigns, with the key messaging and slogans subverted to reveal an anti-capitalist, anti-corporate message. Comprised of hundreds of street artists and backed by a loyal contingent of activists, it’s common to see their work dotted around major cities in Europe.

Intrusive Ads - Why?