Do you remember the movie with ‘Helen Hunt’ & ‘Mel Gibson? 

From a freak accident he’s empowered with the ability to ‘hear’ what women are thinking. He uses his new power to win a major deal for his ad agency firm with Nike women’s division, he also wins, loses, and gets the girl back.

Oddly enough, we all have that same ‘SuperPower’, and we don’t need the freaky accident to use it. 

At the moment you might not know how to tap into it? 

But, if you did..... You would be able to ‘hear’ what your customers, your competitors customers, and your competitors potential prospects are saying about them and you (or not) because its on Social Media. 

It’s called ‘Social Listening’, and from what we can evidence far too many companies seem to be missing this most crucial and powerful element on Social Media.

If you’re prepared to unlearn what you ‘think’ about Social’, and learn how to ‘listen’ I will show you, your Company & colleagues not only how to unleash that ‘SuperPower’ but also how to do this consistently. 

We teach you the skills, and we empower you with the solutions, but we don’t do it for you - My ‘SuperPowers’ are for me! Question is - What would you do with that ‘SuperPower’?