2018 saw a lot of headlines about Social Media, many saying that Facebook and Twitter were in serious decline, yet the reality is that Facebook's growth worldwide has increased, and Twitter produced as good a comeback as 'Liverpool FC' did to get into the 2019 'Champions League' Cup Final.

Now I don't know about you but if there was a crystal ball around what and where 'Social Media'is going over the next 5 years I would very much like to think that businesses will have woken up to the fact that it's not all about intrusive adverts, product promotions, pictures of award ceremonies, and a place to post your CV because of FOMO.

What we can see is that 'Social' in all its current shape shifting forms will continue to evolve, and as we all know, you never know what's around the next corner. Those naysayers and laggards who don't look to invest and learn how to utilise the immense opportunity that social media can afford an organisation in today's digitally connected world will be at best forever in catch up with a competitor who seized the initiative, and at worst cease to exist.

As you read this blog, there are already tectonic ‘social’ changes afoot, these changes are 'today' disrupting the traditional buying process for you, and your competitors in the B2B sector, and with the rise of ‘Social Commerce’ from the east, its already proving to be disrupting the SEO driven ‘digital’ sales funnel for B2C.

Many companies that have simply transferred the ‘advertise and promote’ mentality into the social media space, are already feeling the pinch, the continuing rise of ad blocking, ad skipping, and restrictions around data privacy and its use continues to diminish the accepted media marketing landscape.