Stories on Social, this is the direction we seem to be headed in. Originally the unique idea conjured up by Evan Spiegel and his team at Snapchat, which then Instagram (Facebook) copied. Outright

What is a Story? This is what you find when you Google this question :

"Instagram Stories is a feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. ... Content shared to stories also won't appear on your profile grid or in the main Instagram feed"

In simple terms, you can post a number of, in most cases, sequential, stories (videos / photos) about what is happening in your day, week, life, an event - whatever you want, or whatever you think your followers will find interesting.

For the celebs, it gives their followers a little window into their daily lives (likely to be paid for with product placement). Kylie Jenner gets paid, apparently, $1mn, per paid post - not bad going. However, we are starting to see a trend move away from these highly paid "influencers" as we become less trusting of what is authentic vs what is. Interesting piece here on the subject.

I noticed the other day that YouTube now has stories, leaving one major social networking platform (other than Twitter, but cannot see it working there) who hasn't embraced stories. Yet. However, as the per this post below they are now experimenting with a select number of Student Campuses.

Instagram is where it seems to be all happening at the moment in the B2C world, still owned by The Zuck, so no escaping the Blue-Eyed AI-powered Data Harvesting machine just yet - here are the latest stats if you are interested.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out on LinkedIn. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place in my view. They cannot afford to go down the Facebook route, or the will lose engagement, if not members in their droves - and remember, that is now one of the 10 pegs to Satya Nadella's pay, the performance of LinkedIn by engagement. They need to keep the platform relevant to the next generation of audience, yet, keep it "professional".

While Consumer brands figure out the art of "Story Living" through Stories to drive engagement & customer acquisition, how this will play out on LinkedIn? 

Only time and its members will tell.