Digital Transformation is no longer the IT systems replacement that people once thought it was.  Nice new shinny cloud systems, more toys for the IT department.  When most Business Leaders thought digital was IT people got away with it.

As time moves on more and more people understand that Digital is about your people and your processes.  How can your people be more effective and more efficient?  The problem with this is that a company either thinks they didn't have the right people.  At my previous company there was a "group think" that the only people who knew about digital were outside the company or lived in the US.  Or both.

In fact your best people are currently employed, by you and are in fact give your company it's unique selling point (USP).  Your current employees are the collective experience and it is this experience that people want to hear.  Not corporate rubbish telling everybody how great you are.  We don't care.

Think about it, the world has changed, we cannot put up with the constant bombardment from companies anymore.  The adverts, the unsolicited emails, the cold calls, the sales pitches at events.  We use technology to block them or just look at these companies and how sad they are.

Interruption marketing and broadcast demonstrates a marketing team that is out of ideas! 

Digital Transformation isn't going away and neither is the modern buyer.