If you look at any change in the way of working, if we take the move from analogue to digital.  The first inventions are upgrades to old processes. 

Let's take the iKettle.  You can now control a kettle from an app, but you haven't changed the way you boil a kettle.

Where as, the iphone changed the way we do things.  Before the iphone our phone was used to make calls, now we use our phones least to make calls.

Facebook, Snap, Shazam didn't exit.

The same with marketing, "digital" hasn't actually changed the way we market, we now do analogue marketing in a digital form.  All digital (currently) has done has enabled us to do analogue things faster or quicker.

Marketing automation after all, and a lot of Martech is just analogue process.  Take Marketing Automation, here we have a way to send more emails out faster and faster.  We did it in 1990, but just not as fast.

What we are seeing is a change in the way we live, in the way we buy.  Yesterday while running a class in Singapore, we are the calls of 10 of us the following questions.

1. How many people watched advertising?

Only 1 person in 10.

2. How many people had subscribed to an email list?

Only 3 people.

3. How many people had read the newsletter that they had subscribed to?


4. How many people read unsolicited emails?


5. How many people take cold calls.


I admit that 10 people is a small sample, but you can see a trend.  Advertising no longer works, in a post GDPR world, email marketing no longer works and cold calling no longer works.

This is due to a number of factors, but mainly we are able to filter out noise.  And most corporate marketing is noise.

This is where things get interesting, as we are starting to see the old world order and "digital marketing" as we knew it, move to the "new world order" of social.

Social isn't new, but it's the place the humans are gravitating too.  What we demonstrated in Singapore what our social transformation and social selling program.

Which is do, A, B and C and you can guarantee leads and meetings.  Just down to you then to execute.

Digital Marketing is at a cross roads and it's time to work out which road you are taking.