It's worth clarify that digital and social are different.  Digital transformation is about IT, the computers.  Digital is about Cloud, mobile, big data, analytics, IOT, wearables etc.  These are physical things, you can touch.  Most IT departments you can throw them a new cloud based accounting system and they will be able to implement it. 

But what about your employees? 

Social is about culture, collaboration, communication, conversation, the intangible things.  But it is the people and the process that will make thst new IT system live or die.  Success or failure.

So with so much riding on the success of your digital transformation, why are resourced poured into am IT program while the key to maying working.  The people change.  Is starved of cash? 

Maybe as this article suggests having a "digital transformation officer" is the key?   The criticality is that projects are not treated as "ERP" and "CRM" projects which are inward looking projects.  Whereas with the use of social media and modern collaboration techniques an incremental revenue increase should be able to be obtained.

We see an incremental sales increase of 20 - 30% as well as process efficiencies of 25% or above.