By no means am I purporting to be an expert or have an in depth understanding of how to harness AI - fortunately it seems I'm the same as millions of others around the world who are learning, experimenting, and trying to get to grips with it's potential.

As opposed to countless other millions who don't want to understand it.

So let's start of with what I think is the burning question everyone in the creative sectors are asking about the surge and rapid take up around the world of AI - "will AI/ChatGPT replace my job?"

At the current stage (at time of writing we're 6 months in) of its rapid roll out were now starting see all manner of AI toolkits that at first glance could make the role of a creator/copywriter a lot quicker and easier, and perhaps a replacement. 

Some say it's adoption is akin to disruptive changes that occurred as a result of the industrial revolution.

As the world adapted and embraced the commercial business benefits, efficiences, and scalability of the industrial revolution of course it created casualties, but so did the demise of the manufacturing sectors in the UK in the 70's, 80's, and 90's, especially in areas like coal mining, steel production, and several manufacturing capabilities associated with it.

AI is here, it isn't going away and the genie will not be put back in the bottle - tighter regulation perhaps but face up to the facts - it - is - here!

It's current training material is the decades of content in all its forms that 'humans' have uploaded to the internet - remember all that SEO and tagging you invested in?

However an awful lot of the content well it's drawing from is made up of curated and non curated stuff - e.g. what you read in a library has been curated by humans ergo not everything on the web has been curated or fact checked. 

One of the key reasons why a lot of what ChatGPT/Bard spew out can be utter bollocks.

Who remembers the early days of the internet and eCommerce?

The big question shouldn't be whether it can take your job or not, the question every single person should be asking is 'where can this huge leap forward take me, my skills, and company forwards'?

Not too many years ago the biggest threat in any sector was to come from your nearest and perceived biggest competitor.

This was a time when businesses were locked in a 'macro' mindset. 

They were sure that smaller businesses, or start-ups would take a long time to have any real impact on what they did, where in the world they did it, and of course they had nowhere near the financial and resource access that big business had.

Fast forward to today and not only is the macro player under pressure with a competitors website, there's a new aggregated 'micro' threat that is using stealth and free to use social media platforms to come along and screw up your safe haven.

And with AI this will be on steroids.......

As we now know being a luddite wasn't the wisest of options, especially in multi-channel retail. 

Oh, by the way. This blog was written by a human not AI - but I have no doubt it will be harvested by AI for future use elsewhere!!!!!