There was a day, when imagining a world without advertising seemed a lifetime away.

I remember talking about an ad free world and being shot down because social media was funded by adverts.  And then this .....

This misses Discord, which to be honest you need to pay for it, to use the functionality. 

As this article points out, from Forbes points out, as users of the internet we hate ads

"When digital advertising made its debut, users were bombarded with the hover ad, more commonly known as the dreaded pop-up. Soon, pop-up blockers came to the rescue to allow users to block these ads, an option few people passed up.

Access to our "data has led to privacy concerns, among other issues, and at the end of the day, consumers are exhausted by the constant stream of products, services and gimmicks. Social media giants like Facebook have already begun backtracking and removing some key targeting options for advertisers. This trend is expected to continue.

Television is no exception. According to a report by Midia Research, 52% of consumers tune out TV ads. This figure is rising rapidly. Some consumers have ditched TV altogether, replacing cable with a la carte streaming services that allow them to watch their way. Modern streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu make it easy to forgo invasive ads. Pay the price, and ad-free content is yoursa concept more subscribers are, well, subscribing to. New research from Fandom found that 57% of those surveyed indicated no interest in subscribing to any services with ads."

So, How Can Brands Reach Unreachable Consumers?

Here at DLA Ignite we are working with our partner Supero and their team, Alex, Jensen and Jordan.  They used to be cold callers and we have re-trained them in social selling, so what of the results?

Results for cold calling

When they were cold calling they could get 2 meetings a week.

Now with any cold outreach your job is not just to get through to an executive, but also convert that into a next action.  With cold calling, of the 2 meetings a week they were able to get, they converted 0.3% to a next action.

Results for social selling 

They are getting meetings with 7.2 people of the 100 they contact and then converting 39.5% to a next action.

This is exponential growth! 

This is also punching outside the 4% of businesses that are currently "in market", which as I mention above means you are setting your agenda and will be able to maintain margins.  

In other words, this business will be less competitive, so you will win more and you will win it at a higher price. 

Please note, before I get the comments, there is 

  1. No spam and no automation!
  2. This is NOT connect and pitch!

This is how, you as a brand can connect to people freely.

If you want more information, contact me, or contact the team at Supero, Alex, Jensen and Jordan.  

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