Really interesting article by Venturebeat, here, which starts by saying

"During two years of lockdowns and home working, consumers flooded online to visit their favorite stores and buy items from cherished brands. Many were doing this for the first time. Less well documented is that something similar happened in the B2B space. In fact, sales on B2B commerce sites surged by nearly 18% year-on-year in 2021, to exceed $1.6 trillion worldwide. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle."

It goes on to point out that buyers are not necessarily generation X.

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of buyers now expect a B2C-type experience, according to IDC. And with three-quarters (73%) of millennials now involved in B2B purchasing decisions, there’s surely no going back.

These changes in the modern buyer, with them seeing online as "normal" and in many cases the reduction in the age of buyers, buying through social media has become the new normal. 

Over 40% of B2B companies see the potential in selling via social media — a figure that’s only set to grow."

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