Art and business

Two to terms that are mutually exclusive wouldn't you say?

Not in todays world they aren't.

Did you start out as a kid always dreaming about getting into sales or marketing?

Nope I’m sure you didn’t.

I’m guessing you had other passions.

Maybe you loved drawing?

Perhaps you made mix tapes with your friends, and played them back laughing in between tracks.

cassete tape, mixtape

Or if you were like me as a kid a voracious reader and artist that lived mainly in his head.

Guess what?

Those skills and passions you dismissed as a child, are now more in demand than ever! 

We have entered a new economy.

One where creativity is more highly prized in your business.

Hear me out!

I’m sure you have some amazing sales people on your team.

But underneath that tough sales exterior beats the heart of a poet.

Sales people are natural born story tellers, they have the skillset, it just needs to coaxed out of them.

These are people that when encouraged could be creating amazing articles for your company to drive your SEO and position them as a thought leader within your organisation.

Or you could have someone that is a real extrovert and loves to be on camera.

video creator

Now imagine them hosting a weekly live show or podcast where they can invite C suite and senior people to chat, the kinds of people you've been struggling with to get in front of?

See what most companies don’t realise is that in this new creator led economy the busineses that will thrive on social understand one thing!

In order to win, they need to adopt a mindset of being a media production/ creator lead business FIRST.

Whatever it is you sell as products or services SECOND...

Linkedin believe it enough to have sunk 25 million dollars into their new creator programme

And this is why sales, marketing and even C suite people on your team that are exceptionally creative should be prized as rare gems.

Now imagine your entire team, all producing content at scale. 

And sparking all kinds of conversations in the spaces you want to be in.

You could be sitting on the next Picasso of Powerpoint.

Salvador Dali of Sales Or Michelangelo of Marketing.

But without tapping into these talents you’ll never know.

The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind - creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers." - Daniel Pink

In 2021 and beyond it’s the artists and creators in your company that will save your pipeline. 

They will help create the kinds of narratives that enthral their audience, to allow them to get to know, like and trust them.

But this isn't just art for arts sake.

This is art with energy, purpose and a strategy.

By creating the kind of content your prospective buyers really want to engage with.

To kickstart conversations, which then become commercial interactions.

And generate that all important revenue you need.

But its the artists, poets, dreamers and humans in your company that will lead this new revolution.

You just have to trust, nurture and encourage that passion.

And the future of your business will look brighter than you ever imagined!

artwork creator