Social media and in particular LinkedIn is the busiest and best place to showcase your industry business knowledge and create insight for your followers.

Updates, insights, activities, business moves, people moves, company shares, referrals.

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Traditional ways of working and getting to the RFI stage of any tender, that meant we had a product, service or the skills to be involved and we can deliver as a business, we would load the CRM with details of past RFI/RFP information.


Industry Vertical



Responsible Person.

Scope. Value. Term. Alert.

 And so on….

We would track this and set alerts as to when we would need to broach the subject again and gather as much information as possible from the client, so we could be in a position to be ready and at the table, to be included in the RFQ process. 

Contacts in place, calendar set, details of the scope and opportunity value in. DONE. Sit back and engage with new opportunities or quicker wins until the larger opportunity rears its head again and sends me that alert.

We have all been there. "Yes, we are reviewing it another year", or "We tendered for that last year and it is 2+1 extension options. "Call me in a year or two".

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Now as we stand in a digital first B2B world, the information we need and the information we can provide is all right here on social media and LinkedIn.

 Anyone you are targeting, anyone you want to follow or attract the attention of is right here.

Online and doing the research on you and the company you work for. Right now. And before, you wouldn't have known it.

They are not looking at your website or brochure or email you sent them with some snazzy link to your website or your brochure.... this is 2021 and those days are gone.

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So, anyway.. you make the call, from the CRM from the alert set, and was told by X employee that this is when we may review this scope of product or service again.

What... sorry you said.. that this would... the time that You went to tender last month...? Why wasn't I, we didn't get a be at the table...."

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With social. You can get ahead of the game.

You can find out all the above information on who, what, where and when.

Strategic Social Selling Business Transformation.

Social Selling & Influence puts you in front of your prospects, you and your team are writing and creating business expert content that you are sharing across your network and the network of there networks, creating a desire and curiosity for the buyers and your prospects, who can form various disciplines in a buying decision, and guess what.....

The more you write, the more you give, the more they see you, your team and your personality the better your audience and conversations, the better the chance you have of being front and centre at any tender.

Because this is where the research is done. This is where procurement and your prospects are looking at you, for you and want to be inspired by people and not the brand.

You have the expertise. Then prove it. Take you and your team next level and become strategic social champions and dominate your sector.

  • The commercial conversations you want are on here.
  • Real visible pipeline activity is on here.
  • Human to human B2B conversations are on here.
  • Your prospects and customers are on here.
  • Your next RFP invite will be delivered to YOU. From social.

Not from your website or email, a marketing campaign or a phone call.

Strategy and effort define if you get there. Digital Transformation across the culture and the sales process moves to a whole new place when you go through our social selling programme.

12 weeks of strategic social transformation that takes your team front and centre.

30% increase in sales revenue. 40% decrease in the sales cycle. RFQ and commercial conversations online.

Strategic. Data Driven with Purpose and Influence.

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Your competition is still waiting for the alert on the CRM.

If you are still looking at this post asking these questions, then I can answer them.

You know where I'll be. On social.

Have a great week.