Social Influence will continue to evolve and be an essential element of any organisation’s growth post-Covid. The focus on Digitalisation over the past 12 months has been prolific, and it's a brave leadership team that is planning for a world we had pre the pandemic.

My belief as a Sales Leader was I totally understood Social Media and the benefits it derives if used correctly. The truth, I was totally wrong but genuinely had no idea how wrong I was.

Why - I didn't take the time to 'learn or consider' the positive contribution social can make to a team's collective performance.

We're all busy fighting to close opportunity, maintain growth, and achieve company objectives, but we should stop for a moment and consider a new approach.

Ask yourself this – do you honestly understand what social Influence is?

Simply, It's using your presence and behaviour on Social Media to build Influence, make connections, grow relationships and trust – which leads to conversations and commercial interaction.

It's as simple as that - Virtual, Digital, Remote, Modern Selling, they are all the same - it's Social Selling.

The metrics used to measure success won't change BUT how they're achieved WILL - are you ready?