I’ve written several posts of late with regards the importance of social media to drive Relevance, Growth, Pipeline and Planning cycles, and I thank all for the views, likes and comments.  The conversations the above led too were terrific, but I want to share a couple of takeaways from the above. 

Before we explore the benefits Social Influence & selling can deliver, we must first understand what it is:

Simply, it’s using your presence and behaviour on Social Media – to build Influence, make connections, grow relationships and trust – which leads to conversations and commercial interaction.

If you’re not strategic about ‘Social’, you’re missing the opportunity to tap into Digital growth enablement. There are 4.14 Billion active social media users, and 41% of these use social media for work purposes!

Teams who are properly social selling and building Influence increase their sales by 30% and reduce sales cycles by 40% - imagine the positive impact that will have on your personal and/or team quota



Virtual Selling, Digital Selling, Remote and Modern Selling its all the same - its Social Selling.