It's been the most challenging year on record, but we can all start to look forward to a more prosperous 2021. We have a vaccine, the markets are optimistic about a V-shaped recovery, so it's time to plan & build for growth and evaluate next Fiscal Years plans?

We have to be confident in the analyst predictions and switch focus from 'Save to Survive' mode to 'Plan to Grow' - It's essential to ensure your sales channels are evolved and ready to embrace digital.

The B2B world as we know it has changed, our success will continue to be measured by growth, ARR, customer retention, profitability, market penetration, BUT how this is achieved must be considered in your planning cycles.

We have to move from Analogue to Digital sales channels:

Teams who are properly social selling and building influence increase their sales by 30% and reduce sales cycles by 40%. Imagine the positive impact this will have on performance.

Whether the bounce back happens in Q1 or 2 is irrelevant, no business can afford to delay their migration to digital. We all need to build our fiscal plans to ensure social influence and selling is baked in, adopted and harnessed to support the growth we know is coming.

Are you ready?