The last two days have seen good news in relation to the end of the pandemic and the UK being the first country in the world to approve a vaccine, as a nation, we should be proud!  

We’ve seen a huge uptick in optimism and hope of a V shape recovery of our global economy, and the change in outlooks are already in motion - it’s no longer IF, it’s now WHEN. 

Leaders, teams and individuals must now prepare for the bounce back the markets predict but let’s reflect for a  moment…  We can’t deny growth will resume BUT can we expect the way sales teams functioned pre covid to return?  Answer NO!  

The B2B world as we know it, is changing, success will still be measured by growth, ARR, customer retention, profitability, market penetration BUT how the above is achieved has altered - ARE YOU READY?

We have to move from Analogue to Digital sales channels.  Teams who are properly social selling and building influence increase their sales by 30% and reduce sales cycles by 40%. Imagine the positive impact this will have on your organisation’s performance.

It’s time to get strategic about social influence and selling to build meaningful connections and networks as a modern foundation for growth.

Please reach out to discuss further - James Stirk

Zerooba / DLA ignite