As someone whose extremely vocal and passionate about intrusive advertising, in particular the stealthy, and potentially illegal way the (7k+) 'ad tech' programmatic industry collects, stores, and re-purposes our browsing history in order to follow us around the web without our knowledge in order to deliver those annoying intrusive ads the article in the link below caught my eye.

I was reading about an initiative that can help to reduce what ad tech firms can/can't do whilst accessing our personal behavioral data when online. 

It suggest that in order for this project called 'Track This' fools ad-tracking firms into thinking you have lots of cash, by opening many web pages at shops favoured by the wealthy.

(This image shows the 7k+ Ad Tech Vendors)

It seeks to disguise the data profiles that ad firms gather about people so individuals can recover some privacy.

It also lets people pose as an influencer, a streetwear fan and someone who thinks the world will end.

There seems to be no end to the ingenuity of people who are as pissed off as I am about the intrusive advertising industry, so here's yet another initiative that will add even more pain to the overly abusive use of our personal information, which along with the huge surge in Ad Blocking, Ad Skipping, and GDPR is at last starting to provide the long overdue remedy to get brands to start thinking about alternative ways of connecting with you and me.