Anybody that has known me for the length of my social media journey, will know I used to be a Supply Chain expert.  At one point I did Supply Chain and Social Media and appeared on one of these influencer lists.

So what do I know about supply chain?  I still think I can hold my weight in any procurement, supply chain, manufacturing discussion.

This is an interesting article on the future of supply chain.  Of course, changes in the world are making a massive impact on supply chain.  Blockchain, Robotics, IOT, are all disrupters.

But reading this article, I read about "digital" which is about physical things and IT.  But read nothing about Social, so human and process elements as well as the the use of social media.

(I do see social media on one slide but it seems to be parked with the futures.)

With over 40% of the world now on social and it growing at an average of 13% year on year, I had expected social being a little more pro-active?

Buyers, sellers, in fact over 55% of the world are now on the internet, we are all used to a Facebook UI (user interface) through mobile.  Surely we should be further forward than this?

For the eagle eyed amongst you, you will find an article (based on a conference talk) I wrote 3 years ago about supply chain and social media.

If you have enjoyed us, then check out our blog, lots of opinion on social media but not a lot of on supply chain, but maybe we can change that?