The all new series of The Social Selling 'THUNK'...!

Volume 4 : Episode 4 with the HR Director.

The Social Selling πŸ†ƒπŸ…·πŸ†„πŸ…½πŸ…Ί!

1. the beautiful sound heard when the penny drops for someone on how getting their organisation Strategic with Social Media will improve every aspect of their business life.

This week we drop in on a Zoom call with an HR Director how is struggling to bring new hires into the organisation. They are short of people for projects and need to attract the attention of talented people from their industry and from schools colleges and universities.

They have yet to realise that if used correctly, the combined power of the whole team to create influence by posting rich and diverse, thought leadership content right into the very heart of their resource pools, and then knowing what to do with it, is more powerful and effective than any job advert...

But then they get it...

In 2022, we must give our teams all the digital skills they need to network, prospect, create technical and commercial influence and close online. This includes, but goes much further than simply sales leads...

Let's listen in....πŸ‘‡

*these are all based on real situations or events.

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