Today we see brands that have developed a 'media mindset' are now cutting through the huge swathes of bland corporate content being created and shared by the retail brand police who still think it's about them - not forgetting the layer upon layer of sign off process. 

Video is now in the hands of anyone with a smartphone, content creation is curated by anyone with a keen subject interest, and combined via all those influencers on social media who are unencumbered by your corporate brand police they are eating away at your business.

The irony is you now need to 'engage' them (influencers) for your next 'social' campaign.

Video-sharing app Douyin known as 'TikTok' outside China is trialing a new function that allows users to perform in-video search.

The rise in engaging content is being driven by users on social platforms like 'TikTok' and of course YouTube and Instagram, and of course the biggest business platform in the west 'LinkedIn'.

But simply re-purposing your corporate message that was originally designed for another medium won't cut it when audiences are looking for original, engaging and authentic content.

Video search on it's own isn't something new, the basis of this has been around for years, it's utilised by your set-top box, or Smart TV leveraging something called 'ACR' which stands for 'automated content recognition'.  

This is the technology that companies use to learn about your viewing habits in order they can serve you more of those digital intrusions they call 'adverts', and now platforms like TikTok (others are available) are placing the consumer in the driving seat by providing them with the ability to 'pull' the information they want, and act with 'intent' and all on their terms - not YOURS!.

Without a doubt consumers have a voracious appetite when it comes to consuming all kinds of content, so it's a logical step forwards for the concept of ACR to enter into the 'social commerce' space.

This is the near future direction of travel for enabling a powerhouse of commercial opportunities allowing you to remain front of mind in a world where your website is quickly becoming  the last place your consumer will go.