When you think about watching stuff on the TV what comes to mind, do you think about the biggest screen in the house, or do you think about watching stuff from different devices, or as is possible today, watching stuff on the big screen from another device?

Despite what you might read the TV in one way or another is here to stay, sure it's moved on from a central point for the family to gather around, with those annoying ad breaks we all get up to put the kettle on whilst they play out, but it's still a pretty big medium for brands to get close to us the viewer.

Despite the 'Coronavirus' creating mayhem around the world Media consumption at home will likely rise as will e-commerce sales, although because so much of the world relies so heavily on China to manufacture finished goods or components of goods, supply chains will likely be compromised.

Do you remember when using a mobile phone was just for making calls or sending that quick text message, well making calls is now hovering around number 10 on the things you use it for. 

'The Television, magazine, and news paper industries are not in the business of content, they're in the business of audience aggregation, content is a means to an end  in order to drive bigger audiences from which they can monetise those eyeballs via advertising, to do this they need to produce and serve us content that captures our attention'.

Today we can access and consume content anywhere, anytime, and on any device, we consume more content today than at anytime in history. As a result, and in particular when we're online we're exposed to circa 4k - 10k intrusive adverts every, single, day, we simply struggle to avoid all forms of digital intrusion!

Platforms like 'TikTok'  might look like light years away from where you and you're customers are sat at the moment, but this isn't just a Gen Z geeky thing. This is the near future direction of travel for enabling a powerhouse of commercial opportunities allowing you to remain front of mind in a world where your website is quickly becoming  the last place your consumer will go.

"GroupM has issued an alert for marketers and advertisers amid the coronavirus outbreak, warning ad spend might fall while flagging the possibility of a recession".

The above announcement is just one of the many reasons media buying agencies and brands are desperately looking to find ways to remain front of mind with consumers. 

Without Zuck we wouldn't really have had the huge take up on social media, without LinkedIn morphing into a business network site, it would simply be a place to connect with people who can help us get a job.

All of these innovations have helped to alter our perceptions and access to huge swathes of content, and not just the stuff that's been professionally polished by the brand police. I'm talking genuine authentic sharing of expertise, experiences, and relateable stories from everyday folk, just like you have chosen to spend sometime reading this blog of mine - Thanks BTW!.

What have brands chosen to do with this exciting new social medium, yes they've simply missed the whole point and moved the 'advertise, promote, and talk about me, me, me', mindset into what is a social environment.