Too often, we wait for the year-end review to be done to us rather than taking the time oneself to reflect on the year gone by.   

Usually, the corporate review takes place at the financial year-end and for salespeople are inextricably linked to attainment over quota. That's fine, but what else has happened in the year from a personal perspective that you can build on? 

If you don't work in a formalised corporate review culture or feel that the review methodology doesn't take into account of what you have learned then here are some pointers for your own personal review of the year taken from the Fast Company Article below 

What were the three to four highs and three to four lows?

What enabled you to be motivated, and how did you get through the lows?

What worked and didn't work? In other words, what do you need to do more or less of?

What stressed you out the most, and how could you navigate it better?

And, most important, what were you most grateful for in 2019, and how can you take that into 2020?

We all recognise quota attainment is a given for those in sales. However, there are many other areas that a salesperson can affect the bottom line through their performance.   If you want credit for additional accomplishments throughout the year, then add in some numbers to compliment the words.  

The role of the salesperson is to take ownership of customer situations and manage them forward to a positive outcome, but don't neglect a personal responsibility of becoming your own "performance advocate".