If like me you are an avid blogger it's always difficult to not only consistently come up with that great story, but you will also need a good 'hook' headline, and as they say ' a picture paints a thousand words' so you'll also need an awesome picture.

I once had a website built for me (many years ago) by an offshore company, the website was good for the time and it certainly did it's job in helping to direct curious traffic towards me in order to help pre-qualify potential consultancy opportunities around the world.

Some months in I received an extremely worrying e-mail from 'Getty Images' who advised me that my site was using images that were under copyright by them, they duly provided me with the ransom figure I needed to pay based on the length of time I had used the images, along with the opportunity to 'license' them.

Fair enough you might think, however the company I had engaged to build my website assured me that all images were copyright free, however when I shared the e-mail from 'Getty images' and suggesting that they might pay the fine as they had assured me there wasn't a problem.

Suffice to say as they were an offshore company I was left holding the problem, which included the immediate removal of the unlicensed images, along with agreeing to pay the imposed copyright fee.

I share the link below in anticipation that you can avoid such misery, and financial pain, especially if you produce and promote a lot of content for Social Selling.