Stop it now, please don't "reach out" to me when you can "call" instead, I'm not bereaved. This is a simple example of a hackneyed use of language that undermines your personal voice.

If you are struggling for ways on how to say things, then shy away from the most overused buzzwords identified by Linkedin. 

Who wants a  'growth hack from a 'guru' using 'omni-channel', 'disruption' anyone?   No thanks... 

Using phrases, cliches or buzzword expressions like this undermines your own personal voice on Linkedin.  You don't want to become some sort of Marketing auto bot spurting out jargon on posts just to sound clever. 

I've been there, trying to be in with the jargon and up to speed with what's new technology.  Writing (or speaking) like that just makes you sound like everyone else! 

Ask yourself before you press send on your post or email, is this the real me? Is this how I would speak to colleague or friends, that way you can find your real voice.