"In short, for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly, it digests itself using enzymes triggered by hormones. Then, sleeping cells (similar to stem cells) grow into the body parts of the future butterfly." ZME Science

Many, if not all firms are undergoing some form of transformation, usually with the word digital wedged in-front of it. 

Sales & Marketing is not immune from this, although it does feel like they are the forgotten child and are somewhat late to the party. This means however, they can, and should learn from their peers in other business units, such as HR, Finance & Legal.

Within all of these areas, there is a real focus on getting back to basics, in legal there is now a #bringbackboring to move the focus away from being sold the dream on technology being the panacea to all and actually, if they get back to basics, go and talk to their clients, have conversations, it typically is making some small changes  in approach that can lead to massive gains. They are leveraging Design Led thinking to help with all of this and it is working really well.

Maybe it is time for Sales & Marketing teams to take a lead from the Legal sector and get back to basics. The output we are trying to achieve is to have better business conversations, in a more effective way that drives better business opportunity. This was the same as we were doing 20, 30, 40 years ago. What has fundamentally transformed is the we now do this, and more importantly, the way your clients and future clients want to communicate with you.

This isn't easy, people fear change and en masse in a company this can paralyze anything actually happening. However, consider this, your clients, your prospects may well be in the same position. Go and see them, talk to them, listen to  them, maybe there is something you can learn from each other - even help each other. This will be a far more powerful "sell" message then same old tactics you employed yesterday.

Tom Adams of PwC articulates this in a really simple way, it is well worth you reading.