Being someone who had used internet dating (yes I admit it) in fact in the days before internet dating was wide spread and before the days of Tinder.

I just found it a great way, when today we have busy lives to see more people, who might be a possible partner.

But sifting through the profiles was time consuming and I am a bit of a scan reader, often I would miss something.  The smoker (I'm not), the Skier (I'm not), the thing about Tinder is it gives you back time. has been using AI for years, there is an excellent FT (Financial Times) article on it's use and the article below id using a similar mechanism in Tinder.

There will be those that will push back against it, you will always find some, but if something saves us time.  The one commodity we cannot get more of, in a couple of years we will have all embraced it and forgotten what the problem was.

By the way, I'm no longer single and very happy with somebody and we met at the place of work.