Great article on what companies need to do in a time of continuous change.  Especially as, certainly in the US profits are up .

When is the best time to fix the roof?

When it's sunny of course.

If we look at companies who are killing it right now, they are always disruptive.  Amazon at the point of becoming the global number one book seller set about trying to kill itself with the Kindle.  They knew if they didn't do it then somebody else would.  They tend set about building Alexa which will kill supermarkets in the next 5 years.

Now I'm not talking innovation, this is the sort of thing you do, while having meetings about digital disruption.  I'm talking about a team of people whose job it is to try and kill the rest of the company.  The Kindles, the digital cameras (don't forget Kodak created the first digital camera), then being empowered to do something about it.  Within reason of course!