This article by Quartz looks into the crystal ball of a future with AmazonGo, sensors, smartphones, cloud computing.

What we do know is that that things will move fast and to be honest we don't really have a clue.  Don't forget 10 years ago we didn't have the iPhone, Uber, Facebook etc.  Where would we be without them now?

But there again, I think we do know that Retail will be disrupted as we buy more things on-line.  We also know that more and more people will be on Social Media (110 Million people joined in the last 3 months).  We also know that the business processes that worked in the past, won't work now.  For example, we don't like being sold to, we will avoid sales people as we search on-line for what we want to buy.  We also know we are inundated with adverts and emails all telling us the same thing, we will find ways of filtering this out.  For example there is 30% year on year use of adblockers.

While that will be scary, I think it's going to be fun!