Here's an interesting article from World Economic Forum, that states that your business needs to invest in digital soft skills.

I'm of an age that I remember before Excel, Word and Powerpoint existed, now, we all need those skills.  I remember, being given my first PC and sales people resigned, saying "I'm a salesperson I don't type, I should have an administrator to do that". 

Of course, we laugh at that now, but the same goes for digital skills; business seems to be dodging empowering their people with these digital skills. 

It's a business imperative today to gave social media skills,  as we call it, being able to "walk digital corridors and have digital conversations".

The World economic forum argue that

"At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly nine in 10 (87%) of workers lacked cognitive, interpersonal, and leadership soft skills for the future labour market. Now, as the pandemic transitions into endemic, it has left us with a new hybrid workplace.

Soft skills define how we engage with one another and typically include leadership, team building, communication and problem-solving, among other cognitive and socio-emotional skills. Today, they are not considered to be part of digital literacy.

However, it is impossible to engage with each other in the hybrid workplace without digital tools. We are thus witnessing the rise of a new set of digital soft skills that will become ever more important as engaging digitally becomes the norm. The earlier people master these new skills, the better prepared they will be for the future hybrid work."

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