Is social selling and digital part of your SKO? 

Regardless what you think of the pandemic, the world has changed for good.

We are used to working from home and so are your buyers.

We can all think that we will go back to the “good old days” when we could just turn up at offices and face-to-face meetings.

But we all know in our heart of hearts that it's all over. Regardless if we like it or not.

Now face-to-face meetings are complicated.

This has driven your buyers online. Fact. 

They are still buying but now they are more choosy and know they can be.

They can (and do) their own searches (on social) looking for people who can help them. 

Don't believe me? 

If you check out this video of Chris Mason CEO at Oracle reseller Namos, fast forward to 19 minutes 55 seconds. Chris talks about a $2.6 million win from being on social, after completing the DLA Ignite social selling and influence course. 

This sales didn't happen through a cold call, it didn't happen through a spam email, it didn't happen through a deal sequence .... it happened by a buyer searching on social, finding the salesperson in Namos and asking them if they salesperson can help the buyer.

How do you replicate that in your organisation?

This won't happen through hope, it won't happen through luck, it won't happen with all your sales people looking like all the other salespeople.  It won't happen with presentations from sales enablement or presentations from marketing.  It won't happen with Linkedin trainers.

It happens when you take active and get social selling experts in to talk to your sales team. 

Let’s not forget the buyer didn’t approach Namos’s competition as they are not digitally enabled. Simple as.  

A great example of businesses leaving money on the table by not digitally enabling their sales teams.

How do companies react to social selling?

Namos’s competition are drowning trying a DIY (do it yourself), it’s social after all, we can all see when you are good at it and they are crap at it.

They are being outsold, but still they stick their head in the sand.

So what about your sales kick off (SKO) this year?

Are you going to mention social and digital?

If you don’t as a leadership team, your directs are going to be scared. Why? 

It’s the subject on every SDRs, BDRs and AEs lips. 

They all know the calls, emails and deal sequences don’t work.

They will have either told you, are too scared to say anything or left. 

Any activity on social has to answer two questions 

How many leads / meetings / conversations can you make with your social activity?

  1. How much revenue is connected to social activity.
  2. After all business is all about finding and closing deals.

Social and digital has to be on your SKO agenda 

Not a presentation from marketing and not a presentation from sales enablement.

Come on, you cannot keep up this pretence that these people who don’t outwardly know anything about social can stand up and speak in front of the sales team and expect action.

And we all know that “hints and tips” session from the “LinkedIn expert” generates nothing, you did that last year.

You need experts. People the sales team will respect. People who have carried a bag and actually sold and actually make a living social selling.

  • No fluff, real case studies.
  • Real people who are prospecting on social.
  • Real people who are closing deals on social. 
  • Real examples of companies being digitally dominant in their markets and verticals
  • Real examples on how to connect social media activity to revenue and EBITDA.