Many of you are like, who?
He just won his second major at The Open on Sunday.
2 Majors, 2 debuts, 2 Wins. And he is just 24.
The week before the Open, Morikawa played his first tournament on European soil at the Scottish Open - and a tie for 71st.
So how does he go from that, to major winner the following Sunday.
"He carved up Royal St. Georges with a precision that would have made the man who engraved his name on that trophy jealous."
But how?
The lesson was learned the week before.
He adapted to a situation unbeknown to him and it paid dividends.
For a guy that took his place on one of the leading business schools in the US, he neglected the fact he knew little about links golf and the fescue fairways, where the ball sits differently.
'A different landscape to navigate'. Sounds familiar.
He changed three irons and switched to a different grip for long putts. A change that would not only see him compete but dominate.
But we shouldn't be surprised.
He was enrolled into Haas Business School before turning pro, and while playing on the Korn Ferry Tour.
"People going to this school, run their own start-ups or walk into a large business or company."
Morikawa wants to run himself like a business, he is the brand. He wants to understand everything that is going on.
He want to learn the ins and outs of the business side of the game and be involved.
At the age of 24 he is the Top iron player in the world, the best since Tiger. The numbers tell the story, he hit 75% of greens in regulation. Phenomenal.
Morikawa is learning quickly, he wants to be the best.
Not turn up, but win.
Dominate his discipline and arena, and be in contention
every Sunday.
He adjust to situations and knows how to.
I believe he will dominate and become the Tiger of the 20's.
I think he is that good. Mentally and Physically.
He has the right team and coaches around him and each one knows the strength of the other. Oh, and his girlfriend is a professional golfer too and that also drives him on. Power Couple.
Watch out. He is going to be BIG.
In golf and in business.
Congratulations Collin.
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