Your profile is your passive social presence.

Does your profile tell us about YOU?
This is where anyone anywhere can look at you and make a decision about you based on what they see.
This is the start line in any B2B conversations you wish to have on this platform.
But it cannot be neglected.
You have so much to offer right here.
✔ Banner - Nice image. Business/Personal
✔ Photo - Clean Friendly image.
✔ Headline - Stand out and be different
✔ About - Tell us a story. Draw the eye
✔ Featured - Content GOLD here.
✔ Activity - Your social behaviours. Engage
✔ Experience - Give us a story about your path
✔ Education - Tell us what and where. Make a link
✔ Certs - What have you been learning
✔ Skills - What are you good at NOW.
✔ Recommendations - Referrals are GOLD
✔ Accomplishments - More learning
✔ Interest - What and who interests you
With this fully loaded and optimised to fit the search on you and your WHY, then this can bring a host of opportunity to anyone looking, engaging and following your movements.
They will make decisions based on what you do and what they see.
Check the deck.
Be you. Be social
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