Next Fiscal Year and Beyond...

How can any Leader plan, when there are so many unknowns to consider?

No one can argue this year has been one like no other and I’m sure most of us cannot wait to wave goodbye to 2020. 

I posted back in January how excited I was about this new decade, even during the thick of this global pandemic, I still am! The opportunity ahead of us, from a technology perspective, is enormous, the next 10 years will be amazing!

For many, the end of the calendar/fiscal year is only 35 working days away! The working world we operate in has been completely redefined over the past 10 months, so how do we prepare/plan for the next fiscal year when everything is so fluid!  

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Will we return to the office, will we meet customers prospects, will those events be rescheduled - answer MAYBE, but we’ll never return to what was!

The key to any businesses growth is Pipeline and People, so how does an organisation build and plan for growth when there is so much uncertainty?  

Everything has changed - Digital Transformation has accelerated at such a rapid pace this year, we must look back and remind ourselves of the opportunity digital channels present:

As of October 2020 (published by Hootsuite):

  • There are 4.66 Billion Internet users across the Globe (60 % of the world’s population)
  • There are 4.14 Billion active social media users
  • 41% of these use social media for work purposes!

An Internet minute in 2020!

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Whichever way we look at it, ALL organisations must embrace and tap into these Digital channels and build robust Social Selling and Influence strategies to support business growth for next fiscal and beyond. 

Organisations have to embrace change to support GROWTH.