You might be aware that I've had a problem with unwanted digital intrusions (adverts) for sometime.

Over the past 6 years we've witnessed the huge surge in ad skipping, ad blocking which spurred the EU's legislation better know as GDPR to alter forever the inertia of these digital intrusions in favour of the consumer. 

As a result ad tech and brand marketers continue to try and find ways to intrude with their spammy messages despite all the evidence saying 'no thanks'.

I recently wrote a blog (link here) about product placement in TV and Movies which started many decades ago with 'Soap' sponsored TV shows. 

And now we see a number of innovations from companies who are looking to move beyond the 'interrupt, advertise and promote' mentality that's already screwed a brands real purpose which is about building relationships.

So when I came across the news story and short video in the link below from the BBC I have to say it caught my eye, why? because it seems that using AI we now have the ability for brands and companies to find unused space in a TV show, movie, or dare I say it throughout that sports game you are watching to provide us with subliminal advertising messages.

Called variously “product placement” or “brand integration,” these are the ads that don’t seem like ads because they exist within the entertainment that you’re watching. 

My guess is you, your friends and family will remember more about those Movies, TV shows and sports programs than you will from any of the digital soundbite intrusive adverts you will be exposed to?

So, if we can subliminally see these 'adverts' how do brands leverage and track them, how do they turn that eyeball moment into a commercial return?

How big a ‘Star Wars’ & 'Indiana Jones' fan are you?

Here's something that caught my attention recently and whilst still in need of fine tuning provides a glimmer of hope for all of those brands/companies wanting to remain 'front of mind', add value, involve the consumer, and NOT be intrusive......

If you want to see how 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' started long before 'Episode One' and 'The Temple of Doom', this is one way to get the kids (and you) to find hidden content from a short movie spin off around what is a proven global movie franchise phenomenon..

All without those digital intrusions!!

Click here to access the short movie and discover hidden content that puts the viewer in charge of what they are interested in.

If you would like to discuss how to utilise this for your brand by all means drop me a DM.