I don't know about you but I really love a good podcast, today there are so many people doing them at times we're spoilt for choice. 

I personally know quite a few people who put out a weekly podcast (sport and business related, or both) and whilst they do it for the 'banter' a number of them have developed quite a loyal following, particularly in certain niche sectors. 

The thing is with a great podcast is that you have to commit some serious time to tune in and listen, which of course you would only do if you're interested in the subject matter - I don't know anyone who would stumble across a podcast and listen to 20 mins+ if they didn't have some kind of preconceived interest.

Most of the ones I listen to are ordinary folks with a full time job, but the podcast is about their passion, and with the wonders of the internet and social media the podcast can be on any subject, it connects them to people around the world - all of whom just want to listen, share and maybe join in, or create their own version of podcast.

However, as these podcast start to grow and audiences get bigger the lure of intrusive advertising creeps in "maybe this could replace my salary" is what starts the thought process.

As a result they open themselves up to 'Google Ads' or other such ad serving platforms and forget that what got them that audience in the first place was their passion and authenticity for a shared story and experience. 

So, now the ad industry is starting to take a serious look at podcasting, which way do they go?

If you're a podcaster with over 30k regular listeners/subscribers what would you thoughts be around advertising?