Whenever I talk about content calendars, the question that always gets asked is, "but how do we know what to publish?".

The answer's simple. Ask your colleagues. If your content calendar isn't at least partly driven by your colleagues in search engine optimisation, and search engine marketing, you're in big trouble.

Why? These people know what your audience talk about when they talk about your brand. They know the key search terms that people enter when they google businesses that offer your service.

They can also help you write a killer headline and introduction that will drive traffic as well as conversions  if you broaden the conversation to include UX and web design.

Sounds obvious doesn't it. Yet I still come across content managers who defend their publishing schedule as if to share it with other teams would violate the editorial integrity of their practice.

My advice? Open up. At my new company, Lingoda, we use Trello to collaborate on our content schedule with SEO and SEM as well as our social media, customer service and product teams. 

Is every suggestion a good one? No. But it's better to create a culture of openness where you don't miss out on the best information and ideas that are circulating around you. Get collaborating now!