For those who are not Terminator fans (and if not, why not?) Skynet is the all seeing computer system that controls the Terminators who wreak total destruction on the human race, until the former governor of California saves the day. 

That said it is interesting to see that PwC has now announced they have a Head of Artificial Intelligence. Pretty sure this job didn't exist last week. 

We had Facebook turning off two AI that created their own language, and started conversing - yet no one knew about what. Maybe world domination, we will never know. 

What's more it's going to impact sales. Take the recent launch of from stealth fund raising mode where they will be able to tell you the inside leg measurement of your prospect and what they had for breakfast; all to help sales people understand their market better.

Either way, this is something that cannot be ignored anymore as a Hollywood fantasy from the 90s. It is here and very much alive.