There has been a number of social media gurus posting recently, what is best described as clickbait posts.

They see it as funny, and in many cases most people who have been around social media and social selling a few years understand the humour.  But, and it's a big but.

All of us in social media have a responsibility to support and help the newbies.

While you may post something "funny" as you are a serious social media expert, newbies are looking at you as to what is "good behaviour" and they see what your post as actual advice.

If, for example, you post a meme that articles are not supported or liked by LinkedIn algorithm, then you have to realise that people will make business decisions not to create articles.

As my colleague Eric Doyle pointed out recently the importance of Linkedin articles..

"Articles work on a number of levels....

1. They allow you to leave digital evidence of your expertise in a given subject or range of subjects
2. They allow you to show your dominance over your competition on specific topics
3. They are excellent additions to your content plan
4. They add pages of keyword optimised content to your profile
5. They can be repurposed across other platforms
6. The have a longer tail and shelf life than short form posts
7. The can be used in a multitude if different Social ways

Just a few reasons why articles are excellent additions to your content plan.

They receive different engagement characteristics to short form content as they generally home in on specific topics which may not appeal to a wide audience but, they will appeal to specific target groups. The engagement they get tends to be more focussed."

For social media gurus to post memes that Linkedin articles for some reason are not a good strategy could have devastating consequences for many a business.

So, please before you post, please think about what you are saying and the impact you are making, afterall, LinkedIn is a global network.