Tuesday was a big day. I was busy pitching a proposal on ‘Social Influence’ to a local ‘Tech’ company who are working to redefine their ‘Go To Market’ strategy via social.

The scene set: There were three of us on the Zoom. I’m trying to work my audience; one is very open and keen to learn how we can help, the other closed, not engaging, arms folded. I’m sure you’ve all been in a similar meeting, they’re never easy.

Suddenly there’s a scratching noise, after a couple of minutes it’s becoming distracting for me, and I’m losing my thread as I present to the audience…. The next moment, the ‘closed’ individuals face ‘lights up’ with amusement but soon after blushes - My dog is not only trying to dig a hole, but he’s now humping his basket in full view of Zoom!! I was mortified, what has Murphy my eleven-year-old dog turned into and why’s he doing this now!

To my meeting audience, please forgive the canine and I hope we’ll speak again. To anyone reading this post ‘icebreakers’ are so important, especially on video calls BUT a new lesson learned in the digital world in which we operate… put the dog in a different room!

Fun Friday - please share your embarrassing video conference moments?