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For many, the final two weeks of Q3 are upon us, there are 14 weeks until year-end, and next fiscals planning cycles are underway.  

The Quota’s, Territories, focus Verticals, KPI’s, headcount, investment, strategy and goals all need to be defined, considered, modelled and agreed. For those in big corporate, the plan will be defined for you, and you’ll build your local version. For those in smaller organisations, it’s down to the regional team to determine.

The primary question during these unprecedented times: 


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FY21 will be the most challenging planning year we’ve ever faced, none of us has been here before...

Should we plan for the best but expect the worst, assume there will be a vaccine in H1 and load H2 numbers to reflect this OR simply buckle in and continue as is, in the hope, it will all work out.

The ‘planning theatre’ is here again, but this one will be like no other - you can’t just blow the dust of last years version, amend the number and hope all will be OK, it won’t be!  

The famous adage “Failing to plan is preparing to fail” has never been more accurate, but how do we address the fundamental reality that companies are struggling and Sales Teams are wounded. They have limited scope to meet or talk with their customers and prospects. No events can take place, and all are Zoom fatigued and struggling with the isolation of working from home and lockdown!

The consequence of the above is unilateral across all industries - pipeline, lead creation is weak and in decline, sales cycle time is increasing, and most organisations are in save and survive mode versus invest to grow!

Every Sales, Marketing and Demand Generation team, must rethink their Go To Market (GTM) strategy and consider alternative methods for influencing customers/prospects to build quality pipeline and leads.  

Embracing the power of Social Media and digital transformation to achieve the above is proven, and as such, must be explored by ALL organisations.  

Social Selling and Influence strategies should not be ignored, and any individual or function in a customer-facing role should be demanding help to maximise their learning and usage of these capabilities to ensure better outcomes for themselves and the business.

Time to Consider:

Please reach out to explore how we can help, what's the worst that could happen:

(1) The discovery of a different approach to building what’s lacking ‘Influence and Pipeline’


(2) A realisation you could be doing it better

A Win, Win for all.

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