The challenge: Articulate in 300 words 'an offer of discovery' that explores how deploying structured Social Selling strategies throughout your business will convert ‘Social into Sales’ and deliver GROWTH! 


If any sales leader/individual or organisation reading this article has: (1) too much pipeline, (2) smashed the numbers and (3) is celebrating Year on Year growth then well done, you’ve smashed it - stop reading. 

The Reality I fear for the majority is the complete opposite of the above.

2020 is a year ‘like no other’, all are fighting for survival or to sustain flat fiscal numbers. There will always be exceptions, but as a rule, that’s probably more by luck than design!  

The fact is - most of us do not understand the power of social media and the benefits it can deliver to the bottom line, and I’m sure as leaders you’re being told your teams are all over it - right?  

TRUST ME; they're not.

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I’ve learnt over the past three months when discussing the above, it’s a very emotive subject, and many get defensive on their positions with regards their Social Selling and strategies.


The easiest to defuse the above and explore how effective (or not) your companies Social Selling focus is, would be to measure the health of your social media efficacy... Imagine if this were possible - the good news - IT IS...


Let us work with you on a Social Discovery session to explore how effective your social strategy is and what good could look like. 

No theory, just a factful insight into the health of your team's social selling and influence capability, based on your data?


I can’t articulate the benefits of Social Selling and Influence in 300 words, BUT I can offer you a summary analysis of your social selling ‘current state’ and a lens into what 'could be achieved' if a different approach were deployed.


Please reach out to discuss how we can help, my promise - no charge!

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