In my experience most people who have highly successful careers (and end up in the C-Suite) are those that have done what others are either not willing, or capable of doing. 

It isn't the C-Suite that truly transforms a business it's what we call the 'Change Makers' - these are the 'go to' people that the C-Suite charge with getting stuff done.

If you are in the C-Suite and part of the leadership team, I have no doubt you will have been one of these people.

So, who are today's 'Change Makers' in your company?

The volume of traffic into B2B websites is slowing down, some say the same thing about B2C. Well, I don't know about that but I do know that there's some very interesting things afoot that will also contribute to those declines.

The traditional sales prospecting landscape has undeniably changed, forever!. The need for 'social proof' as part of any due diligence phase for big ticket items has been on the increase for a number of years.

Add to that the continued deployment of ad blocking, ad skipping and GDPR, and now the rise of 'one click social commerce' brands and businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to stay front of mind with prospects and consumers.

I agree you need a presence, but relying on people to find you, and go to your website simply doesn’t work today.

The rise, access, and availability on any device in any location for your prospects to do their own due diligence on a company, brand and it’s employees via social media will either upend you, or can be a catalyst to help grow your business.

Its a combination of providing 'social proof' during the 'social buying' stages - in simple terms, if your competitor understands the social landscape better than you, and has adopted 'social selling' as key strategic initiative the I guarantee the phone will stop ringing, and you will continue to miss those quarterly targets.

83% of people trust reviews and referrals from friends and family above any form form of advertising.

Over 57% of the due diligence research has already been done before any direct contact is made.

Prospects (and other internal stakeholders) are investing over 40+ hours doing that research.

There are now 8-10 internal stakeholders involved in any big ticket 'buying' decision.

Over 30% of traditional sales/lead generation roles are quickly becoming redundant as a result.

The choice is yours, go where your prospects already are, create opportunities for conversations and engage - but please don’t sell.

Or, continue your intrusive outbound (numbers game) activities, pay outsourced companies to do your SEO & Social media and bury your head in the sand.