Why do micro-influencers matter? (By micro, we mean in the tens of thousands of followers). 

Put simply, they come loaded with the authenticity that brands crave today. We all know the statistics. While confidence plummets in traditional media, more than 90% of people trust the 'word of mouth' recommendations of friends and family. 

In the absence of friends and family, micro-influencers are the next best thing. In their niche, they enjoy the affection and respect of thousands of followers. And they speak with authority and authenticity, the double tone of voice whammy craved by any business.

Two challenges. How to find them and then how to scale this model. The tools are out there. I'm a big fan of HypeAuditor, which identifies influencers, while doing the dirty work flagging those with suspicious followers counts.

Beyond that, there's no substitute for hard work. Authentic influencers crave authentic relationships with their brand partners. And authentic content. They don't like translating corporate messaging into friendly conversation. Most of all they value those partners who speak their language - and that of their audience.

So by all means, start building a micro-influencer network. But learn their language first. Remember, you're not the only brand in the relationship. Instagram influencers will shun your overtures if they think their image is at stake. So do your research first. Your reputation (and theirs) depends on it.