If only this sort of advice had been available when I started work.

We blame the Internet and social media for a lot of things. But the sheer shoutiness of social, the cacophony of voices over hundreds of channels, has forced us to rethink the fundamentals of communication.

This article summarises many of them perfectly including how to give advice. Actually, it's more about not giving advice. 

It's about avoiding phrases like, "if I were you". Of course I'm not you. I can't possibly be you. I can't get inside your head and be you for a day.

Too much advice is about 'me', not about you. It's more about me taking the opportunity to humble-brag. "You know, when I was in your situation, I did this..."

That's not to say that advice isn't useful. It's the delivery mechanism that matters. It means dissolving the ego and moving  to another plane of understanding.

In other words, knowing how to convey wisdom is the greatest wisdom of all. Have a read of the article. It's full of good advice!