Remember those random BS generator tools? I just used one to generate the following:

"continually fashion enterprise-wide methodologies"

Yes, I too like to think that I continually fashion enterprise-wide methodologies.

So it is with the copy generator announced in this article. Guess what, you can switch this thing on, and it will generate thousands of lines of advertising copy.

What annoys me about stuff like this is the use of 'artificial intelligence' to describe the process. Well yes, it's artificial. But is it intelligent?

Only as much as the BS generator I described earlier. Oh and it took me about 5 attempts (3 seconds) to find something that worked in this article. 

Same with the so called AI in this story. Humans still need to find the best lines and then blend them into the creative. 

I'm not naive. I try and do my best each day to learn new content and other 'soft' skills that will help my career stay one step ahead of the machines. 

But part of my job, as it has for many years, involves calling out clumsy use of jargon and buzzwords. Long may that continue.